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Eat / Sleep / Cheer / Repeat

Eat / Sleep / Cheer / Repeat

Running time: 87 mins


Forget pom-poms, short skirts and girls on the sidelines, EAT / SLEEP / CHEER / REPEAT shatters all pre-conceptions of cheerleading! Combining breath-taking aerial stunts with high-impact gymnastics, Cheer requires nerve, verve, grace and strength. We follow the young femaleand male athletes of Team Ireland to see why they dedicate so much of themselves to a sport thats not recognised, or respected. For now. From award-winning director Tanya Doyle (THE HOUSE) with music by Stephen Rennicks & Hugh Drumm (THE QUIET GIRL), EAT / SLEEP / CHEER / REPEAT is a surprising and uplifting documentary exploring the worlds of young misfits who find a place where they belong. Battling self-doubt while figuring out their place in the world, this is a story of athletes who dont just want to fit in. They want to stand out.

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